List of most Frequently Asked Questions

Punch Clock Software Question: How does it works?

Answer: Create a free account. Your account is free for the first 30 days. Create your employees and jobs (jobs are optional), and your employees are ready to punch.

After that, when your employees punch in and punch out, they just have to enter their PIN (personal identification number) to punch. That's it! If you configured PunchAnyWhere.com to use jobs, the employee will also have to enter a valid job number to indicate on which job he or she is working.

When the employee ends his shift or the job he is working on, he just has to punch out.

At any time you want (for example, every week), you can export transactions (reports) in different file formats such as Excel, CSV, etc., for payroll management.

Question: Briefly, what are the main features of PunchAnyWhere.com?

Answer: Here are some features of PunchAnyWhere.com...

Hour rounding: You can configure PunchAnyWhere.com to round punch-in times to the next quarter hour, half hour, or hour, or to round punch-out times to the previous quarter hour, half hour, or hour. This is very useful when you want a rounded number of hours that matches as closely as possible the number of hours usually worked each week by the employee.

For example, if you tell PunchAnyWhere.com to round punch-in time to the next quarter hour and punch-out time to the previous quarter hour, if John punches in at 7:47 A.M. and punches out at 12:03 P.M., PunchAnyWhere.com will automatically round punch-in time to 8:00 A.M. and punch-out time to 12:00 P.M. for a total of 4 hours.

Support for all time zones: If you have employees who are working in branches located in different time zones, you just have to indicate the time zone in the employee record and PunchAnyWhere.com will automatically do the conversion.

For example: Two employees are punching at the same time. The time zone specified in the first employee's record is New York time (GMT -05:00 EST), and the time zone specified in the second employee's record is Paris time (GMT +01:00 CET). If both employees are punching at the same time at 1:00 PM (New York time), PunchAnyWhere will automatically convert the transaction time of the second employee to 7:00 PM (Paris time).

Jobs management: You can activate jobs management if needed. For each job, you can enter a budget (in hours/minutes), and you can see, in real time, the actual number of hours worked vs. the budgeted number of hours. You can also see, in real time, the number of employees who are working on each job, or on which job each employee is working.

Unicode: PunchAnyWhere.com is fully Unicode compliant. So, all characters entered, including accented, Chinese characters, Greek characters, etc., as well as special characters, will be correctly saved in the database, then correctly displayed onscreen and correctly exported in file reports.

Backup: Your data is safe here at PunchAnyWhere.com. We back up all our data on a regular basis. You don't have to deal with backing up data.

At any time you want, you can export the list of your employees, jobs, or transactions in file formats such as Excel, CSV, etc. from the Reports option.

Question: If one of my employees leaves my company and I hire a new one, do I have to add a new employee to my subscription?

Answer: No. The number of employees taken into account for subscription purposes is the number of "active" employees, not the total number of employees. Only active employees can punch in and punch out. All you have to do is set the employee who is leaving the company as inactive, then create a new employee. The inactive employee's data will still be available in the database and on reports.

Question: Is support included with my subscription?

Answer: Yes. Support is free and included with any subscription. To make a support request, connect to your account, then click on Information/Support request.

Question: Can I adjust transactions, such as when an employee forgets to punch out or selects an incorrect job number?

Answer: Yes. You can adjust transactions at any time. Information on the original transactions is also kept for history purposes.

Question: Is PunchAnyWhere.com compatible with touchscreen monitors?

Answer: Yes. If you want, you can install a touchscreen monitor and employees can use it to punch in and out directly. Otherwise, employees can punch in and out using the mouse or keyboard, or even using a simple numeric keypad. You can use a barcode reader as well.

Question: What if an employee closes the Web browser? Can only administrators reconnect at PunchAnyWhere.com?

Answer: No. You can enter two passwords in PunchAnyWhere.com's parameters: one to access administrative options, and another to access only the punch option. So, using the same e-mail address to log in, the user either will or will not have access to administrative options, depending on which password is entered. That way, your employees can reconnect to PunchAnyWhere.com themselves.